As you might know already, the Final Fantasy series turns 25 as of this year. To celebrate this milestone for one of gaming’s most beloved series, Square Enix has announced this monstrosity of a celebration box. The “Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Box” will include 13 games, spanning over almost every Sony console, artwork, an art book, as well as special soundtracks.

Here’s a quick rundown of everything that will be included in this “Ultimate Box”, first we have a piece of artwork depicting the main characters from each of the games throughout the series. This comes mounted in an acrylic frame, with a plaque underneath showing the box’s serial number. Next come the games: every numbered Final Fantasy game from I through to XIII is here, on various formats: Final Fantasy, FF II and FF IVIX all come on PS1 discs, FF III comes on a PSP-friendly UMD, FF XXII come on PS2 discs, and finally FF XIII is on a PS3 Blu-Ray disc. The art on the face of each of the 22 game discs has been redesigned, too, and each game comes in its own slimline case. While XIV isn’t included in the package, Square Enix has included a DLC code for a pair of downloadable Moogle earrings to use in-game.

Also included will be a special two-disk soundtrack, featuring various tracks from the series. Then the final disk in the box will contain original piano compositions from series composer Nobuo Uematsu, as well as special never-before-seen footage. On top of all of this you still get a 128-page artbook by character designer and illustrator Yoshitaka Amano.

Now of course, you cant expect to get a package like this which may I add weighs a whopping 11 pounds for cheap. The entire box will set you back about  ¥35,000 (about $445, or £280).  Preorders of the box will run until the end of September via the Square Enix e-store. It officially comes out on December 18th in Japan. At this point no plans have been announced to release the box anywhere outside of Japan. Check out the gallery below.