This is something that Steam has needed for a good whiles now, I know many excellent developers who would love to have their games on Steam for general distribution but seemingly until this point the selection process for Steam Indie games has included some sort of assault course, a pit of fire and an arm-wrestle with an angry bear.

But no more! Not now we have Steam Greenlight! Greenlight is the peer-voting system which will decide the fate of future indie titles on Steam. Essentially people post up a concept of a game, preferably a finished and REAL game (unlike the Half Life 3 entry which nearly made me spit coffee on my monitor) and then the wonderful Steam community will choose to either upvote or downvote it, it is presumed that enough upvotes will result in the game being released and made available on the largest digital distribution network in the world! A handsome prospect for indie developers.

THAT Half Life 3 entry

I think this is a great idea and something that has been needed for a while now and whilst it is understood that some gamers can sometimes be a bit troll-like on the internet. By and large the gaming community would like more involvement in the production of their beloved games, especially the fertile ground of the indie domain.

So check out Steam Greenlight, if you haven’t already!