Bioware has no doubt been busy the last few months in the dlc department. Between the various free additions to multiplayer, and the extensive Extended Cut dlc that worked on the controversial ending, Mass Effect 3 has received that quality dlc experience that we expect from Bioware. However, up until this point the game hasn’t really gotten a stand alone, single player dlc addition.


That being said, is Leviathan a worthy use of your money and time? Rather than doing a review I figured I’d just advise you for or against buying the add-on, and my answer is yes. Yes you should buy the Leviathan dlc.

First off, Leviathan costs 800 MS point which is $10, and in total clocks in at two to two and a half hours. The timing is decent, feeling about as long as most of the add-ons for Mass Effect 2. Leviathan also manages to diversify things over the course of it; there are a couple sequences where you have to investigate a lab for clues to help find your next objective. While at other times there are some intense, truly challenging combat sequences that throw an impressive amount of enemies your way.

The thing that truly surprised me about this dlc is the part that legitimately creeped me out, the first time I’ve ever really felt that way in a Mass Effect game.

Of course, these fun game play segments are great but the thing that people really care about with Mass Effect is the story, and I’m happy to say that the story of Leviathan definitely doesn’t disappoint.


It should be noted though, that there really aren’t any decisions to be made in Leviathan however the things that you get to see and the additions to Mass Effect lore are something that no Mass Effect fan can pass up. I’d love to just splurge and tell you everything that happens, but I know I can’t, but believe me that anyone who calls themselves a Mass Effect fan will love the ending of Leviathan.

Mass Effect 3: Leviathan is a reasonable price and would be fun for anyone who enjoys Mass Effect 3. It’s a more than worthy addition to the series great repertoire of dlc, but for any Mass Effect fan it’s something that should under no circumstances be passed up.