As hard drives go there are very few requirements that you can ask for outside of the maximum capacity. Does it work? Does it come with the correct connectors? Will it last very long? Is it fast? The list of requirements for any hard drive can sometimes be shockingly short but so often; manufactures can get all or some of these requirements completely wrong. Letting build quality slip for the sake of a cheaper overall cost can not only mean that you end up with a cheaply made product but your precious data might not be as secure as you first thought if it fails.

Plextor on the other hand has consistently churned out top quality products and hard drives for the last 25+ years and their latest M3 Pro SSD is no exception. I’m reasonably well versed in PC upgrading so I understand the basic concept behind Solid State Drives – essentially instead of a regular hard drive which is comprised of multiple small disks which turn and have a small pin writing information to them – an SSD has no moving parts – this not only improves longevity for the device but also means that an SSD can be significantly faster than regular hard drives.

Usually this means an increase in price and there was a time when SSD’s were only considered for business use or high-tier gaming machines but now SSD’s have become relatively commonplace in most laptops and desktops.

The M3 Pro is a small 2.5″ hard drive which boasts laptop functionality but also comes with a 3.5″ dock (and screws) for desktop installation. Setting up the M3 Pro was insanely easy as connecting it to my desktop instantly registered it as an additional hard drive (please note I connected the hard drive whilst the PC was switched off)

Setting up the M3 Pro as my main boot device yielded some very exciting results when the desktop shutdown in a little over 6 seconds and performing a ‘cold boot’ in just over 10 seconds. Transferring data takes a minor hit to performance if you are booting from the M3 Pro as if you have the M3 Pro as your boot device then you’re probably looking at a data transfer rate of roughly 150MB per second and 250MB per second if the M3 Pro is your secondary drive. Like I said, a minor hit to performance considering the overall results are only really bettered by Samsungs 830 Series of SSD’s

The Plextor M3 Pro is a great little SSD and does exactly what it sets out to do, from a company founded on creating excellent digital storage solutions comes a perfect addition to any ones home (or work) setup. The M3 Pro comes in 128, 256 and 512 GB versions.