Toys! Everybody loves toys and over here in the Gadget Corner we strive to bring you the most informative and explanatory review we can whilst maintaining that we are doing all this playing about ‘for research’ :-)

Currently doing barrel rolls in the Slimgamer Office is the Tini-Copter Micro RC Helicopter. Now as remote controlled helicopters go, I’ve actually managed to use a couple in the past and this one is a completely different animal.

The Tini-Copter Micro RC Helicopter is an itty-bitty chopper for indoor use! Fitting in the palm of your hand (unless you have freakishly small hands), this remote controlled toy comes in 2 different colours and makes an awesome gadget gift for boys and big boys alike.

This is clearly not an item you can simply pick up and play with however – firstly you need to balance it so that you don’t go careering off into your prize vase. This is done using the small levers on the remote control – this is not the easiest thing in the world to achieve without a few crashes but after a while it will become second nature.

The Tini-Copter Micro RC Helicopter, whilst being a tiny piece of ingenious design does feel somewhat shaky when you feel it. Granted the severe amount of time I’ve ended up plummeting into the floor or wall and the Mini Copter has not broken yet means that it is reasonably sturdy but everything feels a bit too plasticy – this is not a huge issue for it’s price however as it is still a very reasonably priced mini RC helicopter.

Taking 6 AAA batteries in the remote for continued use means that the Mini Copter is a somewhat weighty item battery wise but when you consider that one charge of roughly 30 minutes equals a flying time of roughly 10 minutes it does balance itself out and currently after extensive flying and charging time I’ve not had to change the batteries, the lastability seems reasonably high.

One slightly annoying feature which I’m sure helicopter enthusiasts will appreciate and understand is that if you have pets like I do, the rotors can become slightly congested with pet hair reasonably quickly, despite how clean your carpets are.

After calibrating the helicopter it’s actually very fun to watch this literally tiny helicopter float around in front of you and well worth the asking price of £29.99 RRP.

You can find the The Tini-Copter Micro RC Helicopter for sale at both Find Me A Gift  and also MenKind