Tree-people, Dobby from Harry Potter and a rendition of The Hunger Games – the final Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend has shaped up to be one of the best yet.  Running from the 20th to the 23rd of July – ArenaNet hosted their final Guild Wars 2 Beta before general release later this year.  Fortunately, Slimgamer took part to bring you our impressions.

Most notably is the inclusion of the two previously unplayable races – the Sylvari and the Asura:

The Sylvari are mysterious creatures – not too dissimilar to Ents from the Lor of The Rings universe – just without the immense size.  The Sylvari appear human at first glance, but that comparison breaks down almost immediately. Their flesh is made of vines and leaves, their hair of foliage and petals, and their bones of stronger wood. Golden sap moves through their veins, and pollen shakes from their flesh. They are ‘awakened’ as adults, with some knowledge of the world around them. Sylvari are instilled with an inherent sense of nobility, curiosity, and a need to explore.

The Asura are equally as mysterious.  Diminutive in size but with unparalleled intelligence.  The Asura were originally a subterranean race, adapted for their cavernous homes deep beneath the surface. They had evolved excellent senses—their long ears and wide, luminous eyes missed nothing—and sharp teeth for an omnivorous diet. They were uniformly brilliant as a people, analysing, solving, and utilizing the intricate nature of magic itself. Using this power, they spread throughout the Depths of Tyria, linking distant locations with their Asura gates and building great underground citadels on places of incredible arcane power.

To their horrified surprise, one of those spots proved to be the home of an Elder Dragon champion. The Great Destroyer, a legendary figure among the dwarves, stirred. Using the very portals the Asura had built over its lair, it spread its minions throughout the underground, destroying the bulk of Anuran civilization and forcing the survivors into the dangerous and unknown surface world.

Playing as both these new races is exciting, you have two completely different races to create characters with and especially with the Sylvani – where you can change the wood patterning on their skin and change which colour they glow at night – the character creation aspect has been very well thought out.  ArenaNet obviously want each individual who plays Guild Wars 2 to have a characterr who is as unique as possible.

As with the previous beta events, the final beta had a finale event – based in Metrica Province the event mirrored The Hunger Games/Battle Royale.  Entitled Hunger Royale, the event saw groups of players bunched together into teams and set against each other – armed with pistols and a constantly degenerating health bar – players had to eliminate other teams.  The whole event (whilst I sadly wasnt involved) sounded like complete chaos and exactly what you would want from a ‘last goodbye’ to the Guild Wars 2 beta.

Video courtesy of TotalHalibut via Youtube

Guild Wars 2 is due for release on August 28th this year.

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