Do you want to be more precise while shooting opponets on console FPS’? Do you want to be able to control that vehicle better around corners while racing? If so a Kontrol Freek may be for you! With little effort, Kontrol Freek claims to make your aiming more precise and your driving more controllable. Do these really do what they say they do? Continue reading to find out!

Kontrol Freek’s can be added onto any existing Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 controller. I purchased a set of FPS Freek’s because I play a decent amount of first person shooters, and I wanted to see if these would give me an advantage over the stiff competition. They offer two different types of Freeks, FPS Freek and Speed Freek. On top of these two models they offer a few different styles, TD Freek (Football), Hoops Freek (Basketball) and Legendary Freek (Halo), to name a few. The Kontrol Freek’s just snap on to the joysticks on the controller. No tearing apart your controller and soldering anything here, just simple snap on / snap off, and you are ready to play.

I took the Kontrol Freeks for a spin on my Xbox 360 console, and my game of choice was Halo: REACH. After snapping the Freeks on, the joystick does not really feel any different in your hand. I could easily switch between a controller with the Freeks on and a controller with the Freeks off, and could not really feel the difference of my thumb placements. With that said, I jumped into Team SWAT Matchmaking to see how I would do against the competition.

The control was, like they advertise, more precise. I would have to move the joysticks further to get the same range I usually got, but along with that, I was able to aim more precisely. My first few matches I was getting killed left and right, because I was not used to having to move the joysticks so far, but overtime my skills improved. The FPS Freeks raise the joystick up, which in turn gives it a bigger 360 degree radius. The bigger radius allows you to be more precise on your aiming.

Overall the Kontrol Freeks are an interesting piece of hardware, and at an entry price point of $9.99 I feel that they are a good purchase. I would recommend them to anyone who is a big FPS fan, especially if you are a fan of the more twitchy FPS’s like Call of Duty or Medal of Honor.

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