20JUL12 News Roundup Deadpool Announcement The Weekly News Roundup is a new column on Slimgamer where we cover the biggest gaming stories of the week.

Deadpool Game Announced

With Comic Con taking place this week, it’s no surprise that we’ve gotten our fair share of superhero related announcements.  The biggest news, however, was that High Moon Studios (known for their Transformers games and the severely underrated Darkwatch) is bringing a game based on Marvel’s Deadpool.  So far, it looks like everything we’ve ever wanted, with a wisecracking Deadpool voiced by Nolan North (Nathan Drake).  Know what?  Enough talking. Watch the trailer below:

Metal Gear Solid 5 Announced

Another Comic Con announcement, Hideo Kojima tried out his best Solid Snake impression and stealthily announced MGS5 in a back room of the con.  All we know is that Snake’s upcoming adventure will use the Fox Engine.  There’s an image floating around the internet of a possible title screen, but according the Kojima himself it’s only a fake.

Fortnite PC-Exclusive, First To Use UE4

Epic Games have announced their latest project – Fortnite
Fortnite will be a PC exclusive game which will be the first to utilise Unreal Engine 4. From the official press release (more details here) outlines the game much like the original concept of Minecraft – including the ‘constantly updated’ part. Needless to say this is really exciting and whilst the screens of the game don’t look too cutting edge or ultra-realistic, it’s interesting to see what Epic will do with this idea.

Battlefield 4 Announced

Finally, we end things with a third announcement.  Battlefield 4 has been confirmed by EA, and even more than that, anyone who preorders Medal of Honor: Warfighter through Origin gets access to the multiplayer beta.  This was originally advertised in the description for MoH on Origin but has since been removed and revealed publicly by EA.

That’s all for now.  See you next week.