Projectors! Their amazing pieces of technology, being able to stretch a full HD image across areas of roughly one hundred inches and losing next to none of the quality is amazing. But they don’t come cheap. most projectors ‘starter models’ come in at well over a months wages for most people so their not an investment to take lightly. But the payoff of having a screensize that would flatten any monitor out there is a tempting one. So how does the BenQ W1200 stack up?

It’s no doubt that the W1200 from BenQ is a cool bit of tech – just looking at it you can tell that. It’s lightweight but feels powerful, it’s got more than enough features and functions to justify the purchase and a technical specifications list that reads like a glossary of ‘What to have in the ultimate projector’

The features come thick and fast as it appears that the BenQ W1200 uses 10-bit colour instead of the standard 8-bit colour and whilst I am not an avid user of projectors, I have to admit that the colours did appear clearer even on my light yellow wall which I used for display. Even the on-screen display offered a plethora of image altering options including three save slots to store custom configurations (Movie, gaming and slideshow for example)

Sound, is also something that the W1200 has built in – thought this is not a surprise with projectors nowadays but what is a surprise is that the sound system on the W1200 is actually pretty good. Not exactly a surround sound musical experience but more than enough for me to enjoy what I was watching/gaming.

That being said though, I could not find any option to adjust the image vertically. I finally found myself searching online to see if I had missed some button combination somewhere but sure enough, the W1200 does not have any vertical image manipulation capabilities. Forcing you to use the Automatic Keystone feature which whilst working extremely well, I know will annoy some image purists in the world.

My only concern for the W1200 has been the eventual noise from the unit itself. With a fair number of hours gameplay clocked onto it already, it seems that after roughly two hours of solid gaming the motor gets louder. This is obviously to be expected but if I’m sat close to the projector the it means I need to turn my TV up (not usually an issue as I usually play with headphones on but if this is being used as a ‘family’ projector then it’s worth bearing in mind. Also on my concerns list today is that, when altering the Brightness on the projector it ended up blurring some of the picture instead of just giving me a better black/white balance.

For its price (£950 on Amazon) the BenQ W1200 is a fantastic projector – packed with a large features list that more than fits the ‘ideal projector’ profile whilst offering you an outstanding picture. If you are in the market for a projector either for a home cinema or even a gaming room. I’d definitely look at the W1200.