Anyone that picked up the Action RPG Dragons Dogma a few months back got the chance to play the demo for the highly anticipated Resident Evil 6. For those of you that didn’t play it here’s what you missed…

The demo puts you in the shoes of the three main protagonists: Leon, Chris and Jake, each accompanied by their own AI or Co-op partner. Whether the campaigns plays out parallel Pulp Fiction style or you play one after the other is yet to be seen. The latter is the case in the demo, however. While the demo gives little to no info on the story, it shows us an impressive look at the gameplay. Like Resident Evil 4 changed the series back in 2005, RE 6 changes it yet again. Featuring advanced Close Quarters Combat and a more fluid interaction with the environment, the gameplay refreshes the already impressive experience that is Resident Evil. Plus, the AI partners are not running into walls and taking forever to obey commands, YES!

The first campaign puts you in the shoes of fan favourite, Leon Kennedy and within seconds you are shooting the zombie president in the head, off to a solid start! Leon’s section has less action than the others, but it was more atmospheric and in my opinion more enjoyable. Lightning strikes, vintage zombies and “BOO” moments, this is survival horror Resident Evil is known for.

Resident Evil 6 Screenshot 1

Chris is somewhere in Eastern Europe and appears to be suffering from memory loss. Jump ahead five minutes, however, and you’re knee deep in the gun wielding new-age parasitic zombies. His section was more action packed than Leon’s and required cover and explosives to wade through the attackers.

Resident Evil 6 Screenshot 2

Jake, otherwise known as Wesker Jr., is the final protagonist. His section is the shortest and revolves entirely around a boss fight, facing off against the mechanical monster Ustanak. His giant arm is a constant hassle but a few shots of the Magnum and a few grenades can quickly dispatch the beast.

Resident Evil 6

If you tried out the demo, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below. Do you like the changes to gameplay?  If you want to check out the demo yourself I highly recommend picking up Dragons Dogma. But don’t take my word for it, read my review first and… then take my word for it! Resident Evil 6 hits consoles 02 October 2012. For more info check out the Facebookpage and follow @RE_Games on Twitter. If for some reason you want to follow me and listen to me complain about things you can @Sullee789!