In recent years the design of gaming peripherals has evolved to the point where it is no longer acceptable to simply have a device which is fit for purpose regardless of how it looks. With the gaming industry trying desperately to blur the lines between the common everyman and video games – gaming accessories need to fit in with average home decor these days.

Fortunately, the Konnet Power Pyramid does exactly that – Konnet have essentially taken the functionality of being able to charge four Playstation 3 control pads and bundled this into something that resembles modern art.

There is no denying that the Konnet Power Pyramid is a stylish bit of kit – the angular design and relativily small size of the unit means it does not seam out of place either at the side of your desk, next to your TV or even on your coffee table (that’s where my controllers usually end up being stored when their not charging)

Speaking of charging, I noticed that the Konect Power Pyramid seemed to fully charge the PS3 controller faster than standard charging – with USB charging going from empty to 100% in roughly 3 hours 15 minutes – the Konect Power Pyramid fully charged a controller in roughly 2 hours 30 minutes – admittedly it’s not a huge leap but remembering that you have the freedom to charge up to four controllers (as far as I can tell, only Official PS3 controllers fit due to the design of the cradle section of the unit) then this means you have a pretty mean looking charging station which, when not plugged in, doubles up as a controller holder.

There are some very nice little touches that are included with the Konnet Power Pyramid which surprise you – the fact that the inherent design of the device prevents accidentally tipping it over when plugging in/unplugging your controllers. The built-in LED lights which turn different colours depending on level of charge (Red for charging, Blue for charged)

I do have some (potentially unfounded) concerns regarding the Konnet Power Pyramid however – the ommision of any apparent auto switch-off mechanism. Meaning that once your controller is fully charged, the unit appears to keep the controller on charge, regardless of it already being full. I’m uncertain if this would effect the overall quality of the lithium ion battery found inside PS3 controllers over time.

In conclusion then, with prices ranging from £20 to £40 online – if you’re in the market for a device that will not only charge your idle controllers but also look very stylish whilst doing it, the Konnet Power Pyramid is definatly a must have.