Everybody loves rooting for the underdog – it’s what made the film Dodgeball so popular and why, even when faced with insurmountable odds, there’s always a small part of us that’s always rooting for the little guy.

On paper, BenQ’s RL2240H gaming monitor is a technological underdog. Missing both the standard facia-embedded USB ports and also the in depth image cstomization that we have come to expect and love form recent gaming monitors to be replaced by a monitor that resembles a CRT monitor that has been caught in a crusher.

Now, I may e being slightly bias here but after so many years of using ‘normal’ black designed moitors, using a monitor that doesn’t conform to this standard is like using a graphic designers Mac screen to have a few sneaky StarCraft 2 games on.

Interestingly enough, playing StarCraft 2 on the BenQRL2240H migh be exactly what the monitor was created for as BenQ have teamed up with world-reknown professional gaming team, StarTale – the team offering insight and experience to help build a better gaming screen.

Weighing in at just 4.7kg, the RL2240H is a very light monitor, it’s white (yes, white) facia unfortunately feels like it’s made out of quite low grade plastic and the stand, whilst being slightly more stylish that the average square monitor stand, feels like it’s trying to hard to be a bespoke high definition television.

But BenQ didn’t make the RL2240H as a television, they (with StarTeam) created a dedicated gaming monitor, and for its price, you could do a lot worse.

Looking at the vital statistics for a moment, the RL2240H come packed with some pretty impressive features – The Black eQualizer setting, RTS mode, Display mode, Smart Scaling, 2ms GTG, HDMI and 12M:1 dynamic contrast ratio. All of this packed into a 21.5″ monitor is an impressive package.

The most attractive feature for the RL2240H is of course its surprisingly low selling price, the fact that you are able to find a PC gaming monitor which includes all of these features combined and also come endorsed by a professional gaming team for a little over £100 (that’s a little over $150 for our State-side readers)

This monitor is emphatically created for gaming, using the RL2240H for anything other than PC or console gaming left the monitor lacking in some of the finer detais that would one would usually find with any monitor. For example, when using this monitor to perform more sedentary tasks like altering spreadsheets or playing more pedestrian games like XBox poker, it would sometimes be easy to lose definition and focus.

The RL2240H may not be the most glamourous monitor or even have all the gadgets attached to it that you may come to expect from your gaming set up – but if you stop looking at what the RL2240 isn’t and start focussing on what it is that’s when you realise that for a little over £100 you can get ahold of a 21.5″ gaming monitor with a HDMI, VGA and DVI output, an anti glare coating and a reasonably stylish facia. You realise that BenQ have just created a new stndard in entry-level gaming monitors.