This week, Xbox Live has specials on Winter themed games, add-ons, and avatar items. Whether you’re looking for South Park Tower Defense, Gears of War 2 map packs, or Polar Panic among others, there’s sure to be something for almost any gamer this week. Here’s the list of this week’s deals :

South Park LGTDP 800 400 MSP
Polar Panic 800 400 MSP
Burton Feelgood Snowboard (female) 240 120 MSP
Burton Custom Snowboard (male) 240 120 MSP
Burton RED Hi Fi Helmet 160 80 MSP
Gingerbread Man 240 120 MSP
Gears of War 2 Snowblind Map Pack 400 160 MSP
NHL 3-on-3 400 200 MSP

*Deals exclusive for Xbox Live Gold members and are valid until 12/12

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