Nintendo has announced the predictable successor to the 3DS – the 3DS XL. Following in the footsteps of the DSi XL, the 3DS XL is a larger-screened version of its older sibling, and as such offers a bigger field of view, albeit with scaled-up graphics.

The DSi XL was marketed as a larger device for those who needed larger assets on-screen – their marketing was somewhat reliant on stereotypes of non-gamers and older people. The 3DS actually seems like it’s worth it for gamers, as was the last XL, if anything – that larger screen is going to bring you one step closer to getting the sort of screen real-estate you’d get playing anything from WoW to foxy bingo on a netbook (a laptop-sized DS is just insane).

But is it going to do anything the 3DS doesn’t? If anything, a GBA slot using the extra space is going to help your gamers side-step the piracy temptation, use their old games in addition to their new ones, and you can keep putting out the ones they don’t have and don’t want to pay loads for on eBay via your online store! No? Nevermind then.

What would be ideal would be to see an improved 3DS, rather than one that’s simply bigger in size. To see a 3DS with better sticks, more first-party magic (the stuff that’s come out so far has been great), and a load of WiiU interactivity when that console finally hits.

The 3DS XL will likely sell like hot cakes, as it’s a Nintendo console and people tend to have far more faith in the thing than, say, the Playstation Vita (ironic, given the difference in build quality and hardware capability), so it’s likely it’ll do just fine. But give us a GBA slot again, already!