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Ever since release, there appears to be some confusion about how to achieve the ‘perfect ending’ in Mass Effect 3. I thought it would be helpful to any fellow Commanders out there if I published my collection of located War Assets

(it’s worth taking note that whilst I have mentioned the actual planet that these assets are found on, sometimes I have found them near the planet so it’s worth scanning whilst ‘on top’ of the planet first)

Pothean Data Files Exodus Cluster – Utopia
Black Market Artefacts Kite’s Nest – Vukar – You Must Be On The Aria Quest Chain To Recruit The Blue Suns And Not Kill The General.
Alliance Special Ops Team Delta Exodus Cluster – Asgard
Alliance Naval Exploration Flotilla Exodus Cluster – Asgard
Alliance Cruiser Shanghai Exodus Cluster – Asgard
Alliance Cruiser Nairobi Head To Gemini Sigma – Ming – Parag
Turian 79th Flotilla Apien Crest – Gemmae, On The Planet Pheiros
Special Ops Team Zeta Planet Nonuel – Hades Game – Plutos
Alliance Frigate Agincourt Hades Gama – Farinata – Planet Juntuama
Rachni Workers Help Rachni Queen During Rachni Quest
Shadow Broker Wet Squad Krogan Dmc – Dranek – After Rachni Mission
Javelin Missile Launchers Planet Watson In Skepsis
Emergency Fuel Pods Valhallen Threshold – Micah – Elohi
Element Zero Converter Valhallen Threshold – Micah – Farlas
Asari Cruiser Cybaen Athena Nebula – Parnitha – Tevura
Asari Cruiser Nefrane Athena Nebula – Tomaros – Pronoia
Asari Engineers Athena Nebula – Ialessa – Trikalon
Asari Research Ships Athena Nebula – Orisoni – Ebulek
Turian Spec Op Team ArgosRhoCluster –Phoenix
Exogeni Scientists Attican Beta – Theseus – Feros
Citadel Defense Force 12 Aethon Cluster – Aru – Irune  (Book Located Here For Quest On Citidel – Commons)
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