Autumn Games has joined up with Isopod Labs to create a new racing game with NASCAR great Jimmie Johnson in Anything with an Engine.  The title is currently in development for the major consoles and will feature over-the-top characters in some pretty remarkable vehicles.  Jimmie Johnson himself said “There’s no denying that video games are certainly one of the most popular forms of entertainment. There are certainly a lot of entertaining racing games, but I’ve always felt there was something missing. I wanted to capture that kind of ‘anything goes’ element in racing and make a unique game that appeals to everyone. The teams at Autumn Games and Isopod Laps are incredibly talented, which gives us the opportunity to develop what I hope is a truly ground-breaking series.”

“With the help of NASCAR superstar Jimmie Johnson, we set out to create an innovative and fun racing experience – unlike anything in the gaming market today,” said Jason Donnell, president and COO, Autumn Games. “Jimmie’s vision in creating this game aligns with our goal of bringing new and exciting experiences to gamers of all ages.”  The new game, due in 2011, will have gamers racing vehicles created from everyday objects that you would never expect to see on the track, like dumpsters and lawnmowers.  I’m curious to see how this game turns out, and can definitely agree that the title is certainly fitting.

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