Gaming mice come in all shapes and sizes these days – usually they are adorned by numerous buttons and functions, all designed to aid the professional gamer in their quest for fame and glory. Sometimes however, it’s important to remember that less is often more.

Whilst the Kinzu Pro V2 has also been created for professional gamers -It’s ambidextrous design means that it is missing the much loved side ‘thumb’ buttons which are usually present on gaming mice these days.

This is a mouse which has been designed in co-operation with such high profile professional gaming teams such as SK Gaming, Fnatic Team, Evil Genius and Natus Vincere which goes toward explaining that, whilst it personally too small for me and not as comfortable to use as my DeathAdder, it is a fantastically precise mouse.

Unfortunately there are a number of things that myself and the Kinzu V2 Pro disagree on.  Firstly, the overall size of the mouse is small and feels somewhat lost in the palm of my hand – granted this may be because I have fairly large hands and mice such as my aforementioned DeathAdder feel very comfortable to use as their slightly larger however I could help notice that sometimes when the back of the mouse was touching the bottom of my palm, my fingers would be far past the mouse buttons.

Secondly the stylish gloss finish leaves the mouse with an unfortunate ‘slippery’ feeling at times, meaning that if you are using the Kinzu V2 and happen to apply too much pressure to the highest point of the mouse, it tends to slip away from your hand.  Again I must stress that these are purely personal criticisms and other people (especially those with smaller hands) will be able to use the Kinzu V2 Pro with no conflicting issues at all.


Another impressive feature about the Kinzu is the Profile Switch button, positioned below the mouse wheel.  This button switches you from the two pre-set modes, the first and defalt one is for general use, a more precise handling whereas with the click of this button, your mouse cursor accelerates much faster, allowing you far quicker turning in game.  In game this allowed me to easily change my setting based on my situation which was a very nice touch.

Another nice touch is the cable – although being a wired mouse these days terrifies most PC gamers, I personally would rather have a wired mouse which – during high pressure gaming situations – I was safe in the knowledge that my mouse batteries weren’t an issue to worry about.  The cable on the Kinzu V2 Pro is roughly 6ft 5in long and composed from a ‘tangle-free’ nylon based double-braid.  This feels very secure and does indeed prevent the majority of tangles however the wire can sometimes feel heavy and if your mouse wire is positioned near a desk-edge then the weight of the cable can cause the mouse to move.  A slight concern but still a present one.


In conclusion – when compared to other gaming mice, there are a few details which feel like they need improvement with the Kinzu V2 Pro but when you consider what purpose the mouse was created for then you realise that these concerns are actually purposefully included to aid the end result – a much more precise gaming experience.