LOS ANGELES – Nintendo showed quite a few new Wii U titles at this year’s E3 press conference and promised to show even more on the floor. One of the games that they exhibited on the floor was an off-the-wall action platformer called Project P-100. To say that this game is wacky is a bit of an understatement but, then again, would the creators at Platinum Games ever give us anything else?

In Project P-100, you control a superhero. Actually, you control a superhero and his ever growing posse of helpers. As you move through the levels and destroy attacking robots, you rescue civillians that will join your squad. By the end of the demo level, we had a literal swarm of people attacking enemies, which is exactly what they’ll do until you need to transform them into weapons. By drawing on the touchscreen, you can order your team of would-be heroes to link arms to form either a sword, a gun, or a fist. Attacking enemies with these gigantic weapons does an incredible amount of damage but also drains your battery. To recharge, you have to order your minions to attack with just their bare hands. In addition to weapons, the demo featured a boss fight atop a gigantic robot in which you had to use your team to form a chain to travel from one arm to the other.

Gameplay in Project P-100 is hectic. At any one time, there could be literally dozens of teammates and enemies running around the screen. Except when you go indoors, which is when your hero goes it alone and gameplay is transferred to the Wii U pad.

Project P-100 is very unique and definitely something to keep your eyes open for.