We’ve all been there, we leave the house with our mobile phone, or board our morning train with our portable gaming platform of choice only to discovery that we didn’t actually charge it the night before. Nightmare! But what if you had an ‘extra life’ for your phone, portable games console or tablet PC? Well, that’s exactly what you get with the Innergie PocketCell.

I’ll go on record now to say that the PocketCell is a marvel of charging technology. Having the ability to recharge your mobile phone whilst on the go takes the stress out of owning such power hungry devices. Being able to use your smart phone to navigate on a car journey and then being able to recharge it to use it on the go or even for the return journey is a blessing which you don’t realise you needed until you own a PocketCell.

It’s rare that I find myself so sold on a product, the critic in me always has to find something wrong with the product I review and besides wishing I had two PocketCells, I’m very happy to announce that I’m more than a little smitten with it.

Comprising of simply the PocketCell itself and a wonderfully versatile cable – you have the freedom to attach the PocketCell to any device which has either a USB port (A and B) a micro USB port (popular on many ‘non-Apple’ smartphones) and of course the standard Apple connector allowing the charging of iPod, iPhone and iPad.

Actually using the PocketCell is very simple, you simply connect it to PC or Laptop via the included multi-USB cable and allow it to charge for approximately an hour, after this time the PocketCell is ready to go. Using the PocketCell with both iPhone 4s and Blackberry Curve 9310 it offered both smartphones at least one and a half additional full charges which would be fantastic in times of emergency. It has also been tested against an Archos 1 Vision MP3 player which allowed several full charges from the PocketCell.

The PocketCell is one of the most powerful and stylish charging devices I have ever seen, being smaller and lighter than most mobile phones these days it’s perfect for carrying on the move. I personally have found myself taking on journeys and days out with the age-old ‘just in case’ mentality. Also being so small you would assume that the device would get hot but with it’s four separate in-built protectors (from Power Spike Protection from Overheating protection) the PocketCell causes no concern whilst charging or in use.

Whether you’re going on a long car journey, going camping or simply going to be away from a wall socket for a while. The PocketCell will give you that piece of mind you need when you devices displays that dreaded ‘Low Battery’ symbol.