Given its name – one would be forgiven for assuming that Concrete Cases specialised in Phillip’s Toughbook style laptop cases – built to withstand a barrage of punishment on even the most hazardous building site.  However if you buy a laptop from Concrete Cases – the building site is the last place you would find yourself.

It’s simple from a glance at their official website that Concrete Cases are specialists in luxury and finesse when it comes to laptop sleeves.  Each Concrete Case is created and stitched by hand, each being treated individually so that no two bags appear identical.  Concrete Cases claim to use “only the finest Italian leather” and I’m inclined to fully believe them, given the soft – almost fabric-like feel of the leather the Hook Case is definitely a stylish accessory.

Using the Hook Case, you have a variety of options, as depicted on their website – you are free to position the strap in a number of combinations with the corner frame sections to give you the style of bag you desire, from the traditional messenger bag to a more contemporary ‘backpack’ style arrangement.  With this aspect of the Hook Case however I was not too pleased with the strap that was supplied with the case but looking at the website suggests that the consumer version of this bag comes complete with an adjustable strap which would solve a few personal niggles.

The size of the Hook Case (much like Concretes original case) ranges from 13” to 17” to help accommodate even the bulkiest laptop, MacBook or gadget and whilst the strap does occasionally slip from you shoulder whilst carrying heavier loads, the additional material on the ‘pad’ section of the strap helps prevent this far better than the generic raised plastic sections you find on most laptop bags.

They say that the devil is in the detail and this is especially so with the Hook Case – everything shouts ‘professional’ at you – from the exposed chrome frame to the quilted interior. From the hand stitching to the way this bag – whilst I have been using it for just over a week and it has been used by other critics prior to that – still has that wonderful smell of newly tanned leather.  The smell similar to when you buy a new pair of shoes or a brand new wallet.

The one thing that concerned by about the Hook Case was the small clips attaching the strap to the exposed chrome frame – whilst elegant and stylish, lacked a certain sense of ruggedness – this was clearly not a case you designed for the morning commute every day, stuffed with your newspaper and sandwiches – the Hook Case is a case designed to make a statement. The Hook Case makes this statement very well and retailing at £149 it is certainly one of the best cases in this price bracket.