SlimGamer Podcast Episode 1 Mike, Simon, Sean, and Hayes give this whole podcasting thing a try with SlimGamer’s first official podcast.

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What we’re playing

Bioshock: Infinite Delay
2K and Ken Lavine’s decision to delay Bioshock: Infinite until 2013 – will the game be better for it or will we see another Duke Nukem

Diablo 3 and DRM
Our thoughts on Diablo 3 (if we have played it or not.) Also talk about the “Error 37″ which stopped people from playing the offline game due to the ‘always on’ DRM.

Bungie’s new project ‘Destiny’
We discuss Bungies latest project (and therefore the most important project in the business) which is stated as being a “sci-fi MMO” stretching from this Xbox onto the next generation (dubbed the Xbox 720)

Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 reveal
Epic recently talked to about the recent showing of the Unreal 4 engine at GDC. We share our thoughts on how it looks and what we think it means for the industry.
Full details here

General E3 chatter and how we all hate Justin and Hayes right now :-P

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