E3 2012 is well under way now, and we’ve already had some of the press conferences, including Microsoft, Ubisoft, and EA. And it’s EA’s press conference that has us excited. More specifically, the announcement of a new feature for Madden NFL 13, and that new feature is Connected Careers.

What’s connected careers I hear you ask? Well CC is a brand new feature which gets it’s inspiration from that time when you played Madden with your friends in your flat and ploughed through weeks of offline franchise to see which of you was the best virtual coach. But now, as you’ve gotten older and your friends have spread out and moved away, those good times have been lost. But now, you’ll be able to connect with up to 31 other coaches to create a deep football experience.

Offline franchise, online franchise, and superstar mode are all gone and have been replaced with connected careers, which puts you in charge of how you want to play. Be a coach, a player, or you can play online or offline. It also fully integrates the rookie draft, free agency, and salary cap.

When you start a new career, you’ll have several options including being able to import your gameface to create yourself allowing you to virtually realize your dream of becoming an NFL star and Hall of Famer. Or you can take control of a current star or have full control of a team. As you progress through the seasons your players will receive XP allowing you to “level up” your players and build your team around the way you play the game. For instance, I like to keep it simple and run the ball a lot so I would tailor my team with a good, strong and agile offensive line and a speedy, elusive running back. But if you like to throw the ball you can upgrade your wide receivers and quarterback to make a killer tandem. It’s entirely up to you!! Madden NFL 13 has been described as a cross between an RPG and sports game and that probably is the best way to describe it.

One of the other big announcements EA announced last night during Microsoft’s press conference is the inclusion of Kinect functionality. With the help of Hall of Fame Quarterback Joe Montana they showed the voice recognition as Montana called out plays and changed them on the fly to truly create a deep football experience.

Madden NFL 13 is due for release on August 28th. Keep your eyes on SlimGamer.com for a full review of Madden 13 and for all the latest news from E3.