Starting December 22nd 2010, Microsoft is kicking off a new group of games on XBLA.  Much like Summer of Arcade, Games for the Holidays will consist of a group of 3 XBLA games.  The first game is A World of Keflings being released on 12/22, followed up by Raskulls on 12/29 and last, but not least, is ilomilo on 1/5.  All three games will cost 800 MSP each ($10) which is a nice drop from the Summer of Arcade titles, which cost 1200 MSP each ($15).
You may be asking yourself, what is the special promotion tied in with these games.  If you purchase a World of Keflings, you will have access to the games Raskulls and ilomilo from inside a World of Keflings.  Thats right, you can actually buy or try Raskulls and ilomilo out before they even hit the XBLA for download.

Ontop of this, the three games will tie together.  While palying a world of Keflings, Raskulls and ilo &
milo can appear in the kingdom and hang out with their Kefling friends.  In Raskulls you can play as a
Kefling and ilo & milo.  Lastly, in ilomilo, ilo & milo can wear Raskulls and a World of Keflings
Which if these games are you looking the most forward to?  Personally I was a huge fan of Kingdom for Keflings, so I am really excited for the sequel!