Today Bethesda released the trailer for the new Skyrim DLC entitled Dawnguard. A picture was teased a few months ago promising more info at E3, but thankfully fans got something a little earlier. The theory about the DLC being about vampires was correct. During the Skyrim Game Jam, Bethesda showed a Vampire Lord, this giant beast is part of the DLC and it looks like you can change into this form the same way you can change into a werewolf. The narrator in the trailer reveals that there will be two factions in the game, The Vampires and the Dawnguard. The Dawnguard appear to be vampire hunters and wield a new weapon, the crossbow. Bethesda promised more details at E3 and they will surely deliver. Dawnguard will release this summer for 1600 Microsoft Points and, for now at least, appears to be exclusive to Xbox 360. Enough blabbing, watch below!

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