Spec Ops The Line Screenshot 4 With just under a month left until the release of 2K Games’ upcoming third-person shooter, Spec Ops: The Line, those who are impressed by the recently released demo should put in their pre-orders for the game’s release on June 26th, 2012. Like other franchises, a premium version of the game will be available with pre-orders at no additional cost. With this game, the Premium Edition includes bonus multiplayer content that makes picking up the game on day one that much sweeter. Check out the bonus content in the trailer below.

The free FUBAR Pack upgrade includes :

  • Multiplayer Double XP during the first week
  • Multiplayer Rank One unlocking of the AK-47
  • Multiplayer Rank One Officer Class unlocking – Reduces team damage taken, increases team firepower damage against opponents, triggers ammo and grenade drops, increases effectiveness of other classes
  • Clan Accessory Pack – exclusive skins / accessories, and unique / distinct items

For more info on Spec Ops: The Line, visit the game’s official website.