Ghost Recon Future Soldier is the latest game from Ubisoft to have the Tom Clancy name put to it, and with the release today of the official launch trailer we can start to answer some of the questions about the single player campaign.

As reported in my multiplayer beta preview – which you read here – the emphasis is definitely on teamwork and it seems the single player is no different. As we see in the trailer, you’ll play as a small squad of soldiers, with access to some pretty futuristic weaponry and gadgets all working together to stop another terrorist attack after the first one is stopped by a US missile defence system over what looks like New York.

After that, it seemingly all goes wrong as you find yourself in the middle of a jungle and in a snowy landscape – Moscow possibly? – trying to stop the launch of a nuclear missile.

One thing the trailer shows off well; is the futuristic gadgets your squad has access to, like being able to cloak yourself allowing for some stealth kills, a flying drone which allows you to see exactly where the enemies are and a grenade type gadget which gives you the locations of enemies by outlining them in red on your HUD.

With a great looking single player campaign and some great multiplayer, Ghost Recon Future Soldier looks like being THE FPS game of the year so far.

Check out the launch trailer and new screenshots below and let us know what you think and whether you’ll be picking it up tomorrow when it launches.