BYOC Registration is now live for PAX East. What is BYOC you ask? Bring Your Own Computer. For $30, on top of admission to PAX, you can reserve a spot for your own computer. Only those who purchase a BYOC pass my enter this room. Your computer stays there for all of PAX, and you are welcome to go in and at as you please. Internet surfing, game tournaments, and creating costumes for My Little Pony are just a few of the benefits for attending BYOC. I personally like it since it acts as my own oasis from PAX, a seat which I always know is there for me.
My picture from the BYOC/LAN room at PAX East 2010
BYOC didn’t sell out last year at EAST, but it normally sells out at PAX PRIME. This year there are 260 some odd seats for BYOC, and as of the posting of this, there are still 200 open seats. Remember you also need to have a 3 day pass to PAX to be able to use the BYOC!

Pictures I took of case mode inside the BYOC from PAX East 2010
Don’t wait, register for your BYOC ticket today, before it is to late!