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So here it is, the second half of our fondest memories spent sitting in front of a television damaging our eyes and brains.


I’d love to give you a straight answer on this but I’m not sure if I can.

As a little girl I would play so many games. The consoles may as well have been my second parents. I have had a great many highs and lows associated with certain games. I remember being able to speed run through most of the Super Mario games by the time I was 4 or 5. Back then I wasn’t really on the internet or anything so I’d spend my time searching for the holes in the games like getting to the roof of the second level and skipping worlds, jumping at random points to find invisible blocks. It’s probably not how the majority of players played but even back then I was looking for holes in the games I played. I also have some pretty bad memories of accidentally deleting my dad’s save file on Donkey Kong Country. Needless to say he wasn’t too happy.

I was also a part of the Ocarina of Time generation. The Nintendo 64 was the first console that I actually owned that wasn’t my parent’s. I’d gotten it for Christmas after it’d been released and that brought me so much joy. Ocarina of Time, Lylat Wars(Starfox 64), Goldeneye, 1080 and Turok. All of them played a part in making me the gamer I am today.




I had a Gameboy a little later than most and my first one was the Gameboy Color. I did manage to get myself an original Gameboy but by then it was a little too late. Pokemon, Link’s Awakening and various others had already taken hold. Strangely it was Pokemon that lead me to loving games like Final Fantasy.

It was when I got playing things on the Playstation that I found myself loving RPG games. While Wild Arms, Final Fantasy 7, 8 and later 9 were amazing I found one that I liked even more than those. Alundra. It’s ridiculously underrated compared to other RPG games but it’s truly awesome.

By the time I’d actually gotten round to playing real PC games (I’d played educational games on the PC almost all of my life) I found RTS and MMO. I went to my local gaming retailer called Electronics Boutique (now known as Game group plc) and tried to buy one of the Warcraft games. The cashier accidentally put the wrong game in my box. I arrived home to find that I had Starcraft and Brood War. At first I was upset that I’d got some stupid sci-fi boys game but my Dad recommended that I install it and if I don’t like it then we can take it back tomorrow. I sincerely thank that cashier for making the mistake. I quickly found my way into the higher end of the European ladders and the macro and skills that I learned from that game has transferred to every PC game that I play nowadays.

I could go on for hours about all of the games I played from there onwards but suffice to say it landed me where I am now. An MMO, RPG and RTS enthusiast with a soft spot towards side scrollers and a secret obsession with FPS games. =]

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