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I was playing Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 the other day and the soundtrack got me feeling really nostalgic, so I thought I’d ask my fellow writers here at SlimGamer a question: What are your favourite childhood games and/or fondest gaming memory in your youth?

The response was not only amazing but also very thought provoking. Not only were the generations different, but also the tastes. Enjoy.


For me it’s probably Final Fantasy 4.

Now this is a game that’s special to me. If you wanna know why I love RPGs so much, look no further. Here it is.

Ever since I was a tiny little kid I’ve been in love with fantasy. Knights and dragons and powerful wizards and swordfights and adventures. I loved a good adventure. I would play with my toys and come up with all sorts of stories where I could be the hero; The brave knight; The explorer; And I could be the one to save the day. Then I would read my fantasy books (Redwall, mostly) and get caught up in their worlds, but something was missing. With my toys I could be part of the adventure, but with a book I had to sit by the sidelines and read about other characters being heroes. No matter how badly I wanted to be there, I wasn’t, and the story would go on without me.


Then I played FF4. Since before I can remember I loved videogames, and I loved knights. At that age, something that combined both of them was greater than the Ninja Turtles and Tail Spin combined. Up to that point I only had Link to the Past (another game that’s very special to me) to combine them, but it just wasn’t quite what I was looking for. Final Fantasy IV was.

It was like reading a fantasy novel, only now I was there. My toys were now the weapons the heroes wielded. My friends became the characters in the game. The sprawling imagescapes I had created in my mind were now right there in front of me. Even though I lived far away from all my friends, it didn’t matter. I could have an adventure all by myself.

Now I realize I wasn’t actually having the adventures like I did when I was playing at recess with my friends. It was just like a book, following the characters along their predetermined paths and just watching from the sidelines. But at the time, it didn’t seem like it. I got to control where the heroes went and what they did. Who they fought and who they saved. It gave me the input I craved.

I knew I was only controlling Cecil and his friends from my couch, but on some level it felt like I right there beside them. I wasn’t just witnessing this adventure, I was experiencing it. This was my adventure, these were my friends, and for that short little while, it was all real.

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