Live Action Halo
The above image was released by Microsoft earlier this week in relation to the announcement of a live-actions web series that will be running this fall called “Forward Unto Dawn”.

The series will introduce a brand new character for the series, and is supposed to tie directly into Halo 4. Although, Microsoft doesn’t want people to view the series as merely a marketing stunt. “We wanted to do something unique from a narrative standpoint that’s big in scale,” 343 Industries director of franchise business management Frank McCloskey told Variety.

During five 15-minute episodes “Forward Unto Dawn” will tell the story of a UNSC cadet who runs into Master Chief early on in the struggle between humanity and the Covenant and uses the legendary Spartan as an inspiration to rise through the ranks and serve as an officer aboard the UNSC Infinity.

“Forward Unto Dawn” will show on Machinima and Halo Waypoint in the weeks leading up to Halo 4’s release on November 6th. If the series is done right, it could be a successful addition to the series. What do you think, excited?