Tom Clancy has been putting his name to video games for 25 years now, all starting back in 1987 with The Hunt For Red October which was a submarine simulation game loosely based on the novel of the same name right up to the more modern games such as Splinter Cell, Endwar and H.A.W.X.

The latest game to get the Tom Clancy treatment is Ubisofts Ghost Recon Future Soldier. GRFS puts you in the shoes of Sergeant John Kozak a new squad member, as you fight alongside 3 veteran operatives in a character-focused 10 hour single player campaign. You will become the ultimate “quiet professional” as you use unique stealth kills and brutal close-combat moves with cutting-edge, authentic military tech, including more than 50 weapons as you battle your way through 8 locations, from the heat and dust of Africa to the freezing environment of the Arctic Circle.

As well as the single player campaign, GRFS will also feature some great multiplayer which I’ve been lucky enough to be playing recently. The multiplayer has been created by Red Storm, the same studio behind the critically acclaimed Ghost Recon Advanced Warfare series multiplayer modes.

Giving you a multitude of modes including Ghost Recon’s classic Siege mode, the GRFS multiplayer is an experience like no other, taking influence from Gears of War and Battlefield 3. Making you use cover almost all the time while making sure your working together with your team-mates to win the battle. But that’s actually not a bad thing and it’s been implemented very well. Being in cover is very important in GRFS but so is working together, you need to work as a team to get hold of the intel which will then give away enemy positions opening up even more tactical options. During each round of multiplayer each team has a player who is a high value target who you have to try and get to a specific location for extra points and incentives.

As well as playing as part of a team, there is also huge customization options for multiplayer, you can choose from 3 different character classes – a Scout, Engineer or Soldier – and customize every part of them from the way they look to the colour of the uniforms and you can also customize your weapon, changing things like the barrel size, type of scope, triggers, stocks and much more so your able to bring a truly unique weapon to each multiplayer battle.

The only slight niggle for me, was they controls which didn’t feel at all natural, for instance, clicking down on the left thumbstick made you swap which hand you hold your weapon with, which is great except that in every other shooter, clicking the left thumbstick makes you sprint so when you want to sprint away from an enemy and you end up swapping hands and dieing instead it can be quite annoying. However after a few rounds it all starts to feel natural and you’ll soon be improving your kill death ratio and working your way up the scoreboard.

Ghost Recon Future soldier has an impressive multiplayer mode, and a fairly lengthy single player campaign and is starting to look like another great game from Ubisoft and the world of Tom Clancy. Check out the screenshots and trailer below and remember to keep your sights trained on slimgamer for news and a review of the game when it releases on May 25th