Some things in life are guaranteed, such as the sun rising everyday, Christmas always coming on December 25th and Scooby Doo always wanting Scooby Snacks. One other thing that is always guaranteed to happen every year is the release of the next installment of the virtual gridiron that is Madden NFL, and this year, it’s the turn of Madden NFL 13.

Every year EA Sports release the new version of Madden, which includes all 32 NFL teams with all the players in place, including all new rookies from the NFL draft – which funnily enough has just taken place (good draft for my team this year! Go Dolphins!!) – and each year, EA Sports add a ton of new features to make the game more than just a roster update. So what’s new in this years game? Drive down the page toward the endzone to find out…

First of all there’s been a huge overhaul of the presentation.  In Madden 12, EA improved presentation by adding all 32 team entrances complete with cheerleaders and giving us a birds eye view of each stadium (just like you see on TV every week) and your players got announced to the crowd, and it all worked quite well. However the commentary at times was a little choppy at some points during the game.

Well in Madden 13 there’s a whole new commentary team – CBS’ Jim Nantz and Phil Simms – and the system has been completely reworked so, the commentary in this years game should sound realistic and like the commentators are sitting next to each other (something which has been missing in previous games) to make it the best yet! So it should have the look and feel of a televised game.

Gameplay has also been improved for 13, Madden 12 got rid of the “suction tackles” and most of the AI glitches. It also implemented a whole new impact and tackling system, taking things like momentum into account for the first time, so Madden 13 should improve on all of these. The only downside to the gameplay in Madden 12 was the trajectory of the ball when thrown, as the ball had 2 trajectory’s, a low straight line or a high lob pass, which as well as being highly unrealistic, also lead to some unrealistic interceptions.

Well this year’s game has a completely redesigned passing game, including a new pass-ready system and improved play action, it also features new trajectory’s on the flight of the ball when your quarterback throws it, which is really going to change the way you pass the ball, and should open up your passing game completely. It also has a completely new read and react defensive AI system that features the most intelligent defensive AI to date, so that should put an end to your linebacker or safety just standing still and letting the receiver catch the ball without trying to stop him.

Audio will also be improved. Madden 13 will deliver a superb audio experience to faithfully replicate NFL Sundays. Precise details on audio improvements are a little thin on the ground at the moment. However, EA have already said that there will be results from other games happening as you play your game so I would expect to hear the commentators talking about those scores and how they impact on the playoff race etc. I also wouldn’t be surprised to hear someone on the sidelines talking to the coaches at half time as well. They have also improved the audio of the crowd, making them louder to really give you the feel of being in a real game.

Madden ultimate team is also getting an update, adding new content and exciting events that mirror real NFL event making it the definitive way to experience virtual card collection.

There will also be something called Madden social, but EA haven’t released any information on this yet, but I imagine it’s building on the Madden communities which were implemented in Madden 12.

There’s been no word on whether EA Sports have made any improvements to the online franchise part of the game. But EA have been saying all year that they were going to improve it in some way, so I’m expecting some improvements to it.

All of these announcements have made me very excited for the release of Madden NFL 13, with all these new features, it really is looking like being the best Madden game to date. And I personally cannot wait for the game to release.

Check out the new trailer below and keep your eyes on slimgamer for the latest info on Madden NFL 13.