The demo for Capcom’s Dragons Dogma went live today on Xbox and PSN and those that were on the fence about buying the game are more than likely there no longer.

The demo features two quests, each with their own epic boss fight. The first quest shows off some dungeon delving, as you roam tunnels to escape the dragon pursuing you. You encounter two types of enemies in the demo, Goblins and Harpies. Goblins are easily dispatched with quick combos or allowing your Pawn to grab one from behind like a schoolyard bully and letting you wail on it. The Harpies, on the other hand take a bit more strategy but also allow more choice.  Either jump in the air and grab it, slow it down and let your ranged pawns kill it off or have your tank offer himself as bait as you ambush the Harpy from behind.

Towards the end of the level you encounter the grotesque Chimera. For those of you not familiar with Greek mythology (Noobs!), the Chimera is a giant beast, half Lion half Goat with a Snake head for a tail. The unique grab on gameplay really shows here as first you climb the tail and hack of the Snake head, and then kill the Goat head to disable the magic. The Lion part proceeds to go berserk and demolish the place, (you would too if your interspecies Siamese brothers were murdered) and it takes all your party to finish it off.



An interesting add-on to the demo is the option to customise your character and main pawn. As I’ve said in previous articles, only one pawn is yours to customise, the other two are purchased online using in-game currency. In the first quest you wield the standard sword and shield but in the second you get to use your own creation.

The shorter second quest puts you in the middle of a lush, green environment. Your initial reaction to roam the world is immediately stomped out as a huge Griffin ambushes you from the skies. While it is not as challenging as the Chimera fight, it was just as fun.



Again there is more than one way to deal with the beast. Personally, I received a quick flame buff from a Mage Pawn that set my weapons ablaze and I pounced on the wings and slashed them to ribbons to ground the Griffin. My whole party then proceeded to swarm the beast and finish it off.

Just one month to go, in the meantime follow @DragonsDogmaCap and like the Facebook page for screens, trailers and updates. After you check out the demo leave your thoughts in the comments below!