The humble PC mouse. It was one thought of as an after thought by many companies and even considered to be unnecessary by many keyboard-centric PC users but evolution has a way of drastically changing things. Usually, evolution takes countless of iterations and a vast process of trial and error especially in technology. However in the case of gaming mice, the evolution seems to rocketed forward over the last ten years or so.

Razer, a humble little peripheral manufacturer founded in San Diego in 1998 have been one of the main driving forces behind the ‘add-on’ revolution and are personally responsible for making high end gaming mice, keyboards, headsets and even mouse pads (yes, this business is THAT serious) the ‘must have’ for professional gamers and hardcore enthusiasts across the globe.

So it is a pleasure to be able to review one of their latest products today – the Death Adder Gaming Mouse.

– Ergonomic Right-Handed Design
– 1800 DPI 3G Infrared Sensor – 2.25x faster than standard optical mice
– 5 Programmable, Ultra-Large, Hyperresponse buttons
– 16-Bit, Ultra-Wide data channel
– Zero-Acoustic Ultraslick Teflon feet
– Award Winning On-The-Fly Sensitivity Drivers
– 1000Hz Ultrapolling
– Always-On Instant response

Now with most gaming mice produced by Razer there remains a distinct ambidextrous feel to them – comfortable for both left and right handed people. The Death Adder breaks this convention however by being created to fit snugly onto the right hand of its gaming owner. Allowing for a comfortable sized mouse such as the Death Adder to have two additional thumb buttons attached to it. These buttons are a new feature for myself as I usually don’t use ‘gaming’ mice and after a few games of Left 4 Dead 2 where I kept performing strange actions due to my thumb resting on the buttons or accidentally navigating Back on the web page I was on (their default actions are mapped to ‘Back’ and ‘Forward’ for internet browsers) I was more than comfortable with the positioning of the buttons and now find myself lost if I use a mouse without these specific buttons.

The design of the mouse is near-flawless, from the box that the mouse comes in being obviously bigger than necessary for increased grandeur to the small led lights which are only visible if you are not actually using the mouse. Every part of the Death Adder mouse has been given that ‘over the top’ touch by Razer – and that’s what we love about them, they offer that special treatment to all of their products which make people sit up and take notice of the gaming subculture in more serious ways.

It’s odd – after only using this mouse for a couple of days, I find it a stark contrast to use anything else. Almost as if my hand is now so used to their being that wonderfully comfortable rubber coating on the skin of the mouse and those little additional buttons near my thumb that anything else feels like a horrible downgrade.

Every touch of the Death Adder is catered to bring comfort and usability to the user, it’s a professional gaming mouse with wonderfully austentatious touches, even the front rim of the mouse resembles the kind of black billowing cape that should be following behind Darth Vader rather than adorning a gaming mouse. I have however noticed that people online have marked the Death Adder down for being a wired mouse and I could not disagree more personally this is a great feature, the mouse wire is long enough (roughly 7ft) so that it doesn’t ‘feel’ like a wired mouse and frankly, you can’t complain that it uses batteries up quickly if you don’t need any.

Purchasing the Death Adder will current set you back between £40 and £55 depending on where you buy it from but if you would rather win one for free, read on…

If you like the sound of the Death Adder mouse by Razer and would like to be in with a chance to win one, we have been given some exclusive Guild Wars branded mice to give away right here on Slimgamer. To be in with a chance to win, simply answer this question:

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