Earlier this month, April Fools Day, Razer released some images along with a video of a wearable piece of hardware called the Snake Eyes. Most people knew from the start that it was just an April Fools joke but some people were optimistic about the possibility of something like this and registered their interest. I was one of them, despite knowing it was an April Fools joke.

Razer's April Fools Joke

According to a recent blog post by Abrash the future of wearable computing may not actually be that far away. Valve is currently developing technology for a wearable computer and Abrash confirmed that “by ‘wearable computing’ I mean mobile computing where both computer-generated graphics and the real world are seamlessly overlaid in your view; there is no separate display that you hold in your hands (think Terminator vision)”.

Valve hasn’t talked about what it would be able to be used for; it probably won’t be for scanning the competition as we saw in the Razer video but this seems like it could be a huge step towards Virtual Reality.

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