Twisted Pixel, the masterminds behind two previous XBLA titles The Maw & Splosion Man, released their next game, Comic Jumper. Comic Jumper was released as part of the “Game Feast” on Xbox Live Arcade for 1200 MSP ($15). The game can be summarized as a side scrolling twin stick shooter, with some melee combat areas, and a mix of Sin & Punishment game play.

In Comic Jumper you play as Captain Smiley, with his trusty sidekick, who is on his chest, Star. Captain Smiley comics are not doing to well, and he looses his staring roll. Smiley is then forced to make cameo appearances in other comics, to gain his fans back, and hopefully get his own comic back, with him as the leading man. Star tags along with Captain Smiley in every adventure, and always has witty remarks.

The game consists of 11 different levels. These levels span over 4 different art style comics. In each set of comics there is a clear end, with a boss battle to finish off that art style. At the completion of each level, you are warped back to a hub where you can interact with other characters, get your next mission, and even view the trophies you unlocked. While you are in the hub, you can even purchase, with in game money, unlockables and upgrades to your character. The unlockables give a percentage bonus to the money at the end of each level, so I would recommend splitting you money up, and not just spending it all on upgrading Captain Smiley.

The game itself took me about 7 hours to complete, and that includes getting all the achievements, except for the one that is currently glitched. I enjoyed the game, but I do think it is very repetitive. Even though the art style changes through out the game, the game play is all the same, Run, shoot, jump, and occasional melee battles. The biggest pet peeve I had with Comic Jumper was the health system. There is no way to regain health, other then dying and respawning at a previous check point. This is extremely frustating, especially when walking into a boss battle with a low amount of health, knowing it is probably better just to die, and respawn with all your health. Comic Jumper does succeed on the comedy side very well. A few times while playing the game I actually laughed out loud.

Overall I think this is a good game, but not worth the $15 price point. I would definitely recommend this game if it ever becomes the deal of the week at 800 MSP ($10). The comedy bits in the game are amazing, and one of the reasons I wanted to keep playing the game. Star always has witty remarks, and gets into arguments with Captain Smiley all the time. With that said, the lack of anything changing, other then the art style, made for pretty boring game play.

Watch the Launch Trailer here:

Download the full game now for 1200 MSP ($15)


Gameplay / Controls (5 out of 5)

Graphics (4 out of 5)

Sound (4 out of 5)

Replay Value (3 out of 5)

Entertainment (3 out of 5)


* Title : Comic Jumper

* Format : XBLA

* Developer : Twisted Pixel

* Publisher : Twisted Pixel

* Release Date : 10/6/10

* Players : 1