Just a week after the partnership between SCEA and VUDU was announced, the service that allows Playstation 3 owners to stream on-demand HD movies has arrived.  Starting today, US PSN users can now download the VUDU application and watch hit movies in full 1080p video quality with 5.1 Dolby Digital Plus sound without the need to download the movie first.  There are no subscription fees and you only pay for what you watch, much like other on-demand services found on cable television or satellite services.  For those on the fence about giving it a try, if you sign up for a VUDU account, you will be given a credit for $5.99, good for one free HD movie rental.  Pick up the free app in the Playstation Store in the media category, which will appear under the video icon in the XMB, once installed.  When VUDU 2.0 launches next month, the app will automatically refresh and all users with the update will get Playstation Move support.

Found on the Playstation blog

Check out the VUDU blog at http://blog.vudu.com/