Available for free as a title update set to be released later this month, Kinect users will have access to over 200 voice commands from equipping new items, performing dragon shouts, ally commands and basic menu commands. The update also adds new functionality for Kinect owners as they’ll have access to special map functions, additional hotkey options, and the ability to sort inventory items by name, weight, and value.

To get a look at the Skyrim Kinect support in action see the video below featuring programmer Ricardo Gonzalez, who put together the preliminary concept for Kinect for Xbox 360 Support during the Skyrim Game Jam.


A full list of voice commands will be revealed in the coming weeks and, according to the official Bethesda Blog, there is more Skyrim news coming as they have been working hard on the first set of game addons that will be exclusive to the Xbox360. Additional content including new quests, locations, features  and much more will be coming to the world of Skyrim.

So what do you think? Voice recognition has, in the past, come with fairly bad reception. Does this look like it’s a step in the right direction for voice commands within games? Or would you prefer to control everything vocally like we saw in Tom Clancy’s Endwar? Or would you prefer voice commands were left out completely? Feel free to leave your comments below.