Halos! AI’s! Forerunners! The Covenant! The Flood! We miss the all!

Well, maybe not the Flood, nobody misses The Flood…

So, you may ask why am I randomly spouting buzzwords from the massively successful Halo franchise? Well, that’s basically what subscribers to Game Informer have basically been doing for a while now, ever since their detail-laden Halo 4 issue came out recently, the internet has been flooded with snippets of details from some of their readers.

So, ever since the big Halo 4 E3 2011 reveal/spoiler, the internet has been buzzing with Halo fans speculating about what the story will contain, whether the Chief and Cortana’s awkward ‘on again, off again’ relationship will become even weirder and how exactly  are 343 Industries going to create a completely new trilogy from the game series that already sports seven titles.

Well, according to these wonderfully leaked details by readers of Game Informer, the latest installation of Halo will focus more on the human side of John 117 (Master Chiefs real name for Halo nerds like myself) and mainly feature environment and architecture from the Forerunner era.

So, what exactly has been revealed recently online? Well, lets get down to the dirty details, shall we?

Allegedly, Master Chief has been in cryo suspension for roughly four years before Cortana wakes him up – as you can remember from the ending of Halo 3 (POTENTIAL SPOILER INBOUND) after the Forward Unto Dawn got cut in half by the slipspace portal we saw Master Chiefs half (with him still onboard) floating through space (or somewhere else if you completed it on legendary) Master Chief entered cryo statis, leaving Cortana outside in the ships computer stating “wake me, if you need me” and from the E3 trailer we can clearly hear Cortana shouting “John, I need you”

Cortana wakes Master Chief up fro his lengthy slumber because she has detected an intruder on their ship-fragment – The Covenant.

The Covenant, as explained in Halo 3, have essentially ‘made peace’ with the humans and are no longer trying to eradicate all life as we know it so few other details are known about this turn of events in the human-covenant truce.

Amongst the sparse story details are included a few details about multiplayer and weapons!

The weapons making a welcome return to the game series include (but are obviously not limited to) The  Covenant Carbine, Plasma Pistol, Human Sniper Rifle, Assault Rifle, Battle Rifle, Magnum, Rocket Launcher, Shotgun and Assault Carbine.

As previously revealed by the team at 343 Industries, the multiplayer aspect of Halo 4 (called Infinity) will feature “direct and indirect” connections to the main Halo 4 game – though these aren’t currently known.

Adding to the Infinity experience is Spartan Ops, a separate story-centric campaign for four players. It presents objective-based missions and cinematics, both of which will be added weekly to expand on Spartan Ops’ story. These updates will happen for months following Halo 4’s release to hold players’ attention long-term. Spartan Ops replaces Firefight, which won’t have its own dedicated mode this time around.

Another interesting change to Halo 4 is loadouts. Rather than everyone rolling out with the same weapons online, players bring customized gear into battle. Everyone packs a primary and secondary weapon, armour abilities (including active camo, jetpack, and hologram) grenade type (plasma grenade is still unconfirmed). Weapons still appear around the map, of course, but they appear in random spots via drop pods. In another interesting minor tweak, the respawn in Team Slayer is instantaneous rather than reliant on a clock.

Oh, and the end of Halo 3, the Spartans have learned that running is an innate ability in everyone. Players can also use Forerunner Vision to peek through walls. The X-ray vision upgrade is an armour ability you’ll equip. Other abilities are unlockable via Spartan Points (the in-game currency) Points unlock additional Ops missions, armour abilities, and cosmetic upgrades.