The end of the world is here!

War – our friendly apocalyptic horseman from the first Darksiders has been blamed for starting the End Times early, sparking a war between the forces of ‘The Creator’ and the forces of ‘The Deceiver’ – naturally we know that this isn’t entirely true but for the sake of any possible spoilers for the two or three people who have not yet played the first Darksiders game – we wont go any further than that.

THQ’s latest third person action apocalypse’em’up stars Death on a quest to redeem his brothers (War) honour.

As you can see from the trailer below, he might just get the job done…

From this trailer, we can see a number of interesting things:

– Obviously, the Angel/Demon war is still continuing but it looks like they have started to introduce new troop types into the battle, the giant hulking machine-type creatures, for one.

– It appears that Death can not only duel weild weapons (including duel hand-scythes) but will also be equip with some devastating and brutal finishing moves.

– Interestingly, Death does not appear to be fighting/eviscerating any Angels in this video – perhaps the Angelic forces have made a deal with Death? More details on the storyline are unavailable at the moment but you can be sure to find more information, right here on when they become available. In the meantime though, her are some tasty new screenshots for you. Enjoy.