If rumors are to be believed, the days may be winding down for developer Zipper Interactive.

The developer has been around since 1996, making popular games like Mechwarrior 3 and Crimson Skies. Although they became most well known in 2006 when they started their flagship series SOCOM.

Even though the SOCOM series has a loyal fan following, the release of SOCOM 4 hit at exactly the time the PSN attack happened. With such an online-centric focus, this considerably hurt the performance of the game. In addition Zippers PS3 exlusive MAG met with little success as well, also having a dedicated fanbase. Zipper just released Unit 13 for the Playstation Vita this last month.

According to sources at Kotaku, the studio is meeting massive layoffs and may even be shutdown. Surprising for a studio that was long considered a staple for Sony.