Marvel Pinball V&VI’m sure you have already read the in-depth Pinball FX 2 review that was posted on this site earlier. So I’m just going to keep it short and sweet and just review the DLC pack. If you don’t know the story with it, the game is actually free but you buy the tables. Honestly I approached this review with a certain level of skepticism. The only time I ever really played pinball was in class and even then only if the online games were blocked. Still, I thought I would try a few levels and see what I thought, looked at the time and two hours had passed.

The game is extremely addicting to say the least, although it does take some time to get into it. The tables featured in this pack are Moon Knight, Thor, Ghost Rider and X-Men.

I spent the most time on the Moon Knight table as it was the simplest and the least hectic. The feature I enjoyed the most was the Multiball feature, this greatly enhances the monotonous gameplay as players frantically mash the triggers to keep the balls alive and greatly boost their score. The HUD is pretty poor, objectives flash on the screen but if you take your eye of the action for more than a second the ball goes straight in the gutter. Little missions pop up during gameplay to keep it fresh that involve hitting the ball down this lane or that lane. The Thor table was also fun but the repetition of dialogue was a bit annoying. The X-Men table was to frustrating, as the ball disappears and then rockets down the hole. Still, that being said ZEN studios is able to keep pinball interesting so they must be doing something right.

The Ghost Rider table was also enjoyable, but only because there was no Nicholas Cage.

Nicholas Cage