With just a few short weeks until the release of Disney Epic Mickey, Disney Interactive Studios has hit the streets and is taking over public transportation in major cities with announcements of their upcoming game.  Citizens of Los Angeles will start see over one hundred buses will full or side branding of the game’s style and release date information.  Of course, the occasional billboard and random placement of similar ads will show face around the city.  The people of NYC will be greeted with similar representation on Subway 2, Taxi Tops, and at Phone Kiosks spread throughout their own surroundings.  Also, so the home of Disney World isn’t forgotten, Mobile Billboards around Orlando will be given the same treatment with their already familiar Disney celebrity.  Watch for the U.S. release of Disney Epic Mickey on November 30th, 2010.  For those not in these major cities, here’s a peek at what will be in the wild :

For  more info on Disney Epic Mickey, visit http://www.disney.com/DisneyEpicMickeyVideogame.