Chances are that if you’ve ever heard of Guild Wars 2 or even the Guild Wars franchise I’m probably not going to need to say much to convince you to go charging down to your local gaming retailer on the day of release. For those unfortunate few of you that haven’t heard of Guild Wars 2, haven’t seen any of the news so far or just aren’t sure about the game, here’s my top 10 reasons why you should jump on the band-wagon.

#10 – It Looks Beautiful

 These days people have computers that can render almost anything that you could imagine; a lot of games play it safe and don’t actually push your computer to render something truly beautiful on screen. Guild Wars 2 does exactly that, even if you don’t have the best computer in the world.

From the barren areas around the Black Citadel to Hoelbrak itself, Guild Wars 2 throws you into a beautiful landscape that looks like a real world that meshes together well. So well in fact, that even a Charr wouldn’t look out of place inside the walls of Divinity’s Reach.


#9 – The World is Freaking Huge!

Divinitys Reach

Divinity’s Reach from afar looks absolutely huge and it definitely doesn’t get smaller as you get closer.

To get a feel for the scale of the world you really need to see a video or play the game itself.

It’s truly immense.

In a lot of other games, both single player and multi player, you’ll often find yourself in a so-called “city” only to find that there are a couple of houses that you can’t even go into and a vendor or two; one, or even both, of which you have very little interest in. Even in World of Warcraft’s Stormwind or Orgrimmar ( the game’s two major capital cities) you can get from one end to the other in next to no time. They’re both roughly the size of a real life village.

In Guild Wars 2 a city is just that: a city. You could run from one end to the other and it would take you a long time. You can go into people’s houses, take a stroll in the park, listen in on gossip around the city, the list is endless. You could spend hours of your time adventuring within the walls of Divinity’s Reach and still not get bored!

#8 – True Dungeons to Explore

One major problem with MMOs at the moment is dungeon content. It has essentially become normal outdoor content with walls. Guild Wars 2 has shown us that dungeon content can be something fun and something different that you don’t need to go and do just because that’s what you do in other MMOs.

When you enter a dungeon in Guild Wars 2 with your friends you can just go and explore. There are bosses and traps and other content that’s engaging and fun to do. The sense of camaraderie you get when going around with whoever it is that you take into the dungeon with you is amazing, especially with a lack of the infamous Holy Trinity…

#7 – No More Holy Trinity

The savage beast that is the Holy Trinity will not be rearing it’s foul head in this game. For those of you that have no idea what I’m going on about the Holy Trinity is a plague that forces players to take on one of three roles:

Tank /taNGk/

        noun: The guy being hit by the big thing.

Heal /hēl/

        noun: The guy making sure that people don’t die.

Damage /ˈdamij/

        noun: The guys smacking the big thing.

So what does this mean for Guild Wars 2?

Players can dodge enemy attacks, heal themselves and even rush to their friend’s aid meaning that nobody is strictly a tank. This means that you really are bringing the player and not the class. I’ll cover some of the combat mechanics further down.

#6 – Truly Social Gameplay

One thing that really hurts that feeling of massiveness within an MMO is fighting people for mobs when you have a quest to, for example, kill 10 rats. In Guild Wars 2 if you have a quest to defend a farm against centaurs then that farm is actually under attack, there and then. It doesn’t matter how many players that are there helping to fight off the centaurs from that farm, it’s the fact that you’ve contributed that counts.

#5 – No More Punctuation Hunting

In Guild Wars 2 you no longer have to hunt for golden exclamation and question marks in order to complete quests and become a part of the world around you.

You could be in a tavern, walking passed a farm or even just sat in your local park and you can become a part of what is known as a “Dynamic Event”. These events, like quests, just get given to you for being in the right place at the right time. A caravan could come under attack, raiders could be pillaging a farm, a brawl could be about to ensue, the list is endless. You may then choose how to help. Do you help care for the farm or do you crush the raiding scum?

The choice is yours.

#4 – Real Combat

You don’t need to be a genius to figure out that standing in one place and auto-attacking, while making for a great thing to do while alt-tabbed, is not fun. Guild Wars 2 throws you into realistic combat where you need to dodge enemy attacks and stay away from bad things. This makes the game feel a lot more action packed and will be engaging for hours on end.

#3 – Epic Scale PvP

Hero PVP

The PvP is set to be much more like a war than just a Random BG.

World vs World vs World. Three servers pitted against each other. Castles, Keeps, Siege engines, Stealthy assassinations and Player versus Player. The grand scale PvP pits three servers against each other, each with their own armies of players and NPCs, tactical points that really matter, and siege engines designed to rip apart your enemies bases.

This is designed from the ground up to feel like you are actually part of a large scale war. You can take over supply depots and steal resources to build your engines of war or attack keeps from behind. There are no limitations here, this is all out war!

As if it couldn’t get any better, you don’t even need to level to the cap to get into PvP. You queue and when you get in there you’re scaled up to the level cap AND you still gain experience and gear from fighting in PvP that will benefit you outside of PvP.

#2 – No End Game Content

Guild Wars 2 heralds the end of this broken mentality that the end of the game is where the game actually starts. It comes packed with content and a system that scales you down to the area that you’re in. That means when you hit the cap you can go back to the early areas and still have fun.

#1 – No subscription fee

Not a reason, per se, but the icing on the cake. You buy the box and you get the game for a lifetime. Enjoy.

If that wasn’t enough then you can always head over to the ArenaNET blog to check out all the latest news that just keeps coming. Guild Wars 2 is truly shaping up to be the best MMO of 2012 if not the best game of 2012, period.

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