I know! It’s crazy, isn’t it? A coffee, actually marketed at gamers! Madness!

You’d probably expect it to be another of those awful products like the one that GamerFood.com churns out, packed with enough chemicals and carcinogenics that make you glow in the dark whilst tasting like you just licked the bottom of a cat litter tray…

…you could not be more wrong…

Indeed, it is always strange when a non-directly gaming related product such as food or drink hits the market. Gamers all over the world will believe that it is something that a company has created simply to attract us like mindless cattle who will buy anything that happens to have Mario’s face on it.

9 Bit Coffee

In the case of the Loading Bar on the sunny shores of Cornwall in the UK, this idea couldn’t be further from the truth. This is a company founded by gamers and geeks who have poured a great amount of love and devotion into their work. Creating a cocktail/coffee bar in the UK which has rapidly become one of the ‘go-to’ places for some celebrities and also notable members of the gaming industry.

So, onto the coffee itself then! I have been quoted by several people as a bit of a ‘coffee snob’ so making my first cup of the 9-Bit Coffee I was already aware that the smell of the ground coffee was completely different to what I was expecting. The powder had a deep and almost rich aroma. Satisfied with the coffee’s first test – I continued to make my 9-bit brew…

I personally think that this coffee is best enjoyed black or as an espresso but members of my family who tried this coffee also inform me that it is very enjoyable with milk. This coffee is without a doubt the single greatest coffee I think I have ever tasted (and I’ve been drinking coffee for a while)
Blended from 9 different types of ethically-sourced coffee beans which include:

– FC Brazil Pulp Natural Arabica
– Daterra Estate Monte Cristo Brazil Natural Arabica
– Cosurca, Cauca Valley FT Excelso Colombian Washed Arabica
– San Pedro Sula SHG Honduras Washed Arabica
– Sidamo G2 Ethiopian Washed Arabica
– Monte Sion Estate Gourmet Bourbon El Salvador Washed Arabica
– Badra Estate Indian Washed Parchment Robusta
– Plantation A Mysore Indian Washed Arabica
– Suri Mukmar Takengon G1 Lingtong Sumartran Semi-Washed Arabic coffee beans

Now, with so many different coffee beans battling for position in my cup, you would think that either some of the flavour would taste confusing or that the coffee would be so bitter that you would need enough sugar to make your spoon stand up but again, you’d be wrong!

9 Bit CoffeeYou always find that – especially with ground bean coffee – that there is a certain bitter aftertaste but with Loading Bar’s 9-Bit Coffee there is nothing like that, this smooth and almost velvety coffee is very easy to drink.

In addition to being a great coffee, you can also sit back and know that part of your £14.99 for the 250g can is going to a good cause (and not just your caffeine dependency) as 9p of each sale currently goes to the gaming charity Special Effect to help people with disabilities enjoy video games.

So there you have it, a coffee snob gamer has finally found his ‘ultimate coffee’ now the only problem is, what happens when I run out and have to go back to the regular stuff?