#5 Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations

Sasuke's "Awakening"

If you’re a sucker for animé then you’ve probably heard of something called Naruto. It’s already hit Japan and it’s coming to us this month; a demo was released a few days ago on the PSN and Xbox Live. If beating on cartoon kids is something you might be interested then you should definitely check this out.

The game itself brings forward a lot of elements from previous games in the series like the story mode and online tournaments while bringing forward several changes like the new “Awakening” or “Beast Mode”, available to characters a little below 50% health. This will increase their damage output by transforming the character into a beast with significantly stronger attacks.

Overall this game is looking to be a solid fighting game and if you’re a fan of the series or just in general like fighting games you should definitely check this out.

March 13-March 30 PS3, Xbox 360


#4 – Street Fighter X Tekken

Flying Zangief Street Fighter

Just one of the beautiful faces pulled as a bi-product of these two huge beat-em-up titles going head to head.

Now this could just be me being a sucker for beat-em-ups but nothing reminds me of childhood more than these two games. I’d spend long nights playing on the good ol’ SNES and PSX playing both of these two.

It’s might not end up being the awesome game that I’m forcing myself to believe that it will be but I’m sure that I’m not the only one that wants to see characters from my two favourite beat-em-ups of childhood wailing on each other.

March 6- March 9 PS3, Xbox 360, coming to Windows May 11-14

#3 – FIFA Street

Fifa Street

Tricks return once again in Fifa Street

I’ve always been a fan of the Fifa Street games for one main reason: the tricks. I’m really glad that they don’t seem to be losing focus of that in this game. This game is going for a more realistic look and feel which, in my opinion, is an awesome move.

The videos that I’ve seen of Fifa Street just make it look like a group of guys playing football together and that’s exactly what Fifa Street should be.

March 13- March 16 PS3, Xbox 360


#2 – I Am Alive


While getting to the top may not be that much of a challenge, getting down certainly will be.

I haven’t really been following this release but it actually looks like it could end up being a really good release. It’s a true post-cataclysmic survival action-adventure game where you have to acquire menial things; from food and water to cigarettes and gas and just generally stay alive while placing great emphasis on exploration and rewarding you for doing so.

You’re not alone in this post-cataclysmic world; you’ll come across many other people in the exact same situation as you, characters who are just people trying to survive. Your guns not loaded? No problem, you can bluff your way through situations – you’ll just have to hope that’s enough…

March 7 Xbla, coming to PSN spring 2012.

#1 – Mass Effect 3

Shephard returns in this hugely anticipated title yet doesn't make an appearance in multiplayer.

I know, I know. I probably don’t have to tell you about this game. Heck, it’s just about everywhere at the moment and this has been greatly anticipated for absolutely ages, including one of the biggest features to hit the Mass Effect universe thus far: Mass Effect Multiplayer. You’ll be able to create yourself a brand new character as almost any of the races that are present in the Mass Effect universe, each of which will have their own unique powers.

This game is set to be harder, more challenging and more fun than any of the previous games and is definitely THE release to be getting, if nothing else, from March 2012.

March 6- March 15 PS3, Xbox 360, Windows

p.s. guild wars closed beta starts at the end of march…