Ubisoft recently unveiled the cover for the next entry in their epic series. The cover also reveals the time period that the new game will be set in.

As you can see, Assassins Creed III is going to be set in colonial america during the American Revolution. The main character, who appears to be a brand new assassin, looks to have some kind of native american heritage and/or equipment. At this point it is unknown if the character is in fact another ancestor of Desmond Miles, or if Desmond is even in the game at all. We also know next to nothing about the story other than where its set.

I personally am incredibly excited to see the new setting for the series and can’t wait to see more information. Stay tuned as I’m sure Ubisoft will be releasing new details for Assassins Creed III very soon. Also keep a watch on GameInformer as their next cover story is Assassins Creed III.
Assassins-Creed-III-Packshot-PS3 Assassins-Creed-3-Cover