SSX Screen 5SSX is making a comeback in a re-imagining of the franchise on current consoles, and EA Sports is certainly on the right path. Recently EA Sports announced that the fan-favorite and anthem of the series, ‘It’s Tricky’ by Run-D.M.C., has been added to the upcoming SSX title’s in-game soundtrack. Made popular by its introduction in SSX Tricky, the song has been remixed by artist Pretty Lights and will feature some new party beats while staying true to the style of the original version. “I’ve always loved hip-hop, video games and snowboarding, so it was truly an honor to put my twist on such a classic song for such a dope game. Can’t wait to play it!” said Derek Vincent Smith a.k.a. Pretty Lights.

“Music has always been an important element of the SSX franchise. ‘It’s Tricky’ had such a monumental impact on fans of SSX Tricky that we wanted to pay tribute to the song by introducing it to a whole new generation of SSX and musicfans,” said Freddy Ouano, Audio Producer, SSX. “We chose Pretty Lights to remix the track because he’s a phenomenal artist whose style fits well with the tone and direction of this rebirth of SSX.” The track will be played when, much like in the previous titles, players trigger what is known as a ‘tricky’ state by linking trick moves together.

The new title will feature nine iconic regions, over-the-top snowboarding gameplay, and several modes, including Race, Trick, and Survive, that will allow gamers to explore the areas based on NASA topographical satellite data. Also, Explore, Global Events, and RiderNet showcase the online experience without lobbies or waiting periods. The new SSX is scheduled for release in February 2012, until then check out the ‘It’s Tricky’ trailer below:

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