Costume Quest is created by the same studio that brought you Psychonauts and Brutal Legend. Tim Schafer, President/CEO of Double Fine Productions announced last year they were going to work on three smaller DLC titles, instead of big budget retail titles. This is Double Fine’s first Downloadable title ever released.

Costume quest, is at its core, a very simple Role Playing Game. You start out with one playable character, and as the game progresses you add two more characters to your arsenal. At the beginning of the game you get to choose if you want to play as the brother or the sister. After you make this choice, you start walking door to door trick or treating, when you get to the second house a monster steals your other sibling. The rest of the game you spend trying to rescue your other sibling, so your parents dont get mad at you for losing him/her.

The game itself took me about 5 hours to complete and that is with completing every side quest, and even getting all the achievements. There are 3 levels in the game, a city neighborhood, a mall, and a fair. In each level there are side quests like bobbing for apples, finding hiding children, finding costume materials, and collecting Creepy Treat Cards. Each level also has a store where you can buy Battle Stamps with the candy you collected by trick or treating and also winning battles. Battle Stamp’s give you a bonus effect during combat. I used the counter-attack, a chance to dodge, and the bonus HP Battle Stamps the whole game.

When you go into combat, your party transforms into what they believe their costume looks like. The simple robot cardboard costume turns into what looks like a transformer. Throughout the game you collect different costumes. These costumes grant different abilities in the world, and also during combat. In the world the knight is able to use it’s shield to block water, cherries or any other hazards that appear in the maps. In combat the special attack for the Knight is to boost the defense of a selected party member.

The combat is very simple in Costume Quest. After pressing the X button to attack, you have to do a special button press on the controller for it to be more powerful. When the enemy attacks you, it will pop up saying to press a button now, which if you press that button, your character can block a lot of the damage. I found the combat to be relatively simple, and as long as you pressed the correct buttons, you would be victorious. If for some reason you do end up dying, don’t fret, you get to try the fight again, with no penalty. When you do win, you are awarded with candy, Creepy Treat Cards, and Experience Points. XP allows your character to level up which gives you more HP and damage. The MAX level you can get is 10, which I had going into the final battles.

Overall I would recommend this game for anyone that enjoys casual RPG elements. This is not a Final Fantasy level RPG, this is a very simple RPG, with collecting thrown in. The costumes all have a different ability, but you should be able to beat any fight, except the finale, with any of the costume selections. My only cons about this game is the length and the repetitiveness of the fights. I actually wanted there to be more zones, and more quests, because I just didn’t want to stop playing. The combat on the other hand did get a bit repetitive, since I mostly used the same costumes the whole game, but the costumes I chose, seemed to me, to be the best combination. I feel that children and adults of all ages will enjoy this game. My wife even sat down with me and successfully beat a few battles. I actually enjoyed this game better then Double Fine’s last release, Brutal Legend, and I am hoping they release another costume quest next year around Halloween again!

Enjoy the launch trailer:

Costume Quest is currently 1200 MSP ($15) on the Xbox Live Arcade Marketplace, and $14.99 on the PSN.


Gameplay / Controls (5 out of 5)

Graphics (4 out of 5)

Sound (4 out of 5)

Replay Value (3 out of 5)

Entertainment (4 out of 5)


* Title : Costume Quest

* Format : XBLA/ PSN

* Developer : Double Fine Productions

* Publisher : THQ

* Release Date : 10/20/10

* Players : 1