As part of its first lineup of PlayStation Vita accessories, Thrustmaster recently released details of 3 cases that are set to release closely after the official launch of Sony’s newest handheld gaming console. These cases each have a unique design and will either appeal to those looking for smooth style or rugged toughness. Fans of the UNCHARTED series may want to pay attention, as one of the cases is designed with it in mind.

The V.I.P. case, in this case meaning ‘Very Important Player’, is modeled after familiar looking glasses cases, is colored black and silver, and is meant to look aesthetically pleasing. The S.P.F case, for ‘Special Player Forces’, is certainly modeled after military equipment for heavy-duty use, also has black and silver, and it meant for rough terrain with above average shock resistance. The third case, features the same design as the S.P.F case, but instead of black and silver, offers UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss themed colors and Nathan Drake’s stamped dog tags embedded on the top cover.

All three cases are scheduled to be available on February 28, 2012 for $24.99, $29.99, and $34.99 for the V.I.P., S.P.F., and UNCHARTED models respectively. For more info on these and other Thrustmaster products, visit their official site.